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Why did my baby hold this simulated dinosaur model and let go?

Mom said that the dinosaurs are super powerful, I think they look so cool, I want to put it on my bed, the big dinosaurs can protect me!
Children and animals are small creatures that are very cute. Almost every baby in the childhood to childhood, when the animals see the eyes will shine. With the artificial animal model, the baby can be inseparable from them, retaining these creatures, even if it is framed with the huge dinosaurs of the Jurassic era, it is not difficult!
It is said that “playing” is the best way to educate children. I also want to give it a try. For the extinct creatures like dinosaurs, it is easier for Meng Meng to see the vivid and realistic model image than my abstract language description to deepen her cognition and expand her horizons. What’s more, this toy’s workmanship and coloring process are so exquisite, I can also improve her sensory cognition by the way, why not? Look, Meng Meng is not very harmonious with the dinosaurs?
Evaluation method: Children will not watch the toys in the model class, let alone such a vivid simulation of dinosaurs, they will definitely play in their hands, and if they are interested, they will not care about the three seven twenty-one, and the force is also lost. It is possible, after all, my baby is like this. Therefore, the robustness of the toy is very important, otherwise it will definitely be broken by the baby in two days.
Evaluation results: I tried to drop the dinosaur from a height, and after careful observation, I found it intact, with no scratches or cracks.
Most children don’t treat their toys very softly. Especially when finishing storage, it is often a slap in the face. If the material of the toy is not strong enough, it will definitely be broken by the baby after playing for a few days. The Rex Tyrannosaurus model will not be vulnerable to shocks. It is made of selected environmentally-friendly PVC plastic, with good toughness, high impact strength, and strong stability. It can accompany your baby to grow up. Every stage!
When evaluating toys, the workmanship is very important. The surface is not smooth enough to be eliminated directly. This kind of inferior toy will scratch the child’s skin. Every time you pick a toy, you will carefully check whether the corners are round and skin-friendly.
Evaluation results: I used cooked eggs instead of skin, rubbing the dinosaur’s claws, tail tips and other parts. Fortunately, the egg surface is still so smooth.
Parents are also like me. They often have slender scratches on their hands. When they ask the baby, they are not sure where they are, until one day I am not careful. Meng’s a toy was scratched. Compared with adults, children’s skin will be more delicate, so we must carefully check the workmanship when choosing a toy for the child, and feel the surface is smooth enough by hand. If it is found that some corners are sharp and sharp, or have convexity. If you have a small burr, you have to PASS. The Rex Tyrannosaurus is made by German craftsmanship. During the production process, the surface is polished with a demanding and perfect attitude. The corners are round and skin-friendly, and the touch is delicate. Parents put a hundred hearts!
Evaluation method: The inferior paint on the toy has a great influence on the health of the child. There is a small toy that is particularly fading. If you sweat when you play, the small hand will be dyed and colored! In order to sprout the health, I have to check this dinosaur model.
Evaluation results: I repeatedly wiped the Rex Tyrannosaurus with a paper towel, but the paper towel is still very clean and not dyed.
Children’s skin and body organs are more fragile than adults. If the toy fades, it gets into the skin, or even accidentally enters the body, it will have a certain impact on the child’s health. But if your baby’s toy is a Syracuse tyrannosaurus, parents should stop worrying about it. After all, the Sile model is hand-colored with environmentally friendly pigments, evenly painted, and very tinted. Ok, how to play is not fading!
Evaluation method: The child’s model toy must be easy to play in the hand, so the size setting of the toy is particularly important. I will use a ruler to measure the size of the Syracuse Tyrannosaurus.
Evaluation results: Rex tyrannosaurus is about 26cm in length and about 13.4cm in height, moderately sized, just right for Meng Meng to play.
In the real world, dinosaurs are a huge thing. If you want to make a child model, you should naturally consider the convenience of children when you play! I specially measured the size of the Rex Tyrannosaurus with a ruler, the size is scientific and accurate. Great for kids

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2019 Adult Halloween Costumes Choices

All of us like scary movies, and the horror film costumes have been the extraordinary way for dressing up for Halloween. Everybody has some favorite horror film and one could dress up like a character of your favorite. There are certain huge and distinctive movie theme Halloween costumes to select from such as Zombie freak, a Frankenstein fanatic and so on. We generally think “baddies” as the male characters, however, there are many wicked female characters, as well that features in the horror films and are the best for fancy dress for women.

For 2019 Halloween there are oodles of choices that adults have like you can dress up in cat suits Halloween costumes and behave like a wild cat to add more fun. This one is quite interesting, to add spice you can even paint your eyes, use a mask and add mustache like a cat. One can also, choose to look like wonder woman this Halloween 2019. The other Halloween costume that is quite famous this year is bunny you can be sweet as well as naughty with this attractive costume.

You can dress up like a creepy and mysterious Morticia Addams from Addams family this Halloween 2019. You could go for wearing a skin-stretched black hobble gown having “tentacles” at its bottom. Apply blood reddish lipstick, a pale make-up you could discover, broad black eyeliner with a longer black wig and you would look like a part of popular wife of the Gomez. Surely, the Addams family has been the utmost popular and disreputable fictional families forever. They are rich, strange, plus unconventional, delighting in the entire things macabre.

Another girl’s Halloween costume for 2019 includes a Ghost buster sexy costume. It’s a single-piece beige jumpsuit; hat, a belt, plus Proton back pack. The ghost busters are a paranormal investigators group going for business together. The other choices are French maid Halloween costumes, sailor costumes, and animal costumes. Animal costumes are favorite this Halloween 2019 as you can have fun at the same time you can look scary, sexy and seductive.

The best part is you do not have to go to shops and search what is in vogue this Halloween and what not. There are many online stores that have great ideas and costumes for this Halloween 2019. Moreover, you can just click and get the costumes delivered to your footsteps.

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Men Struggle Hard with Seeking the Perfect Presents for Their Partners

Men struggle with seeking the perfect presents for their lovers until the last minute of Christmas. In fact, if you have paid more attention on your wife and girl friend some days before the Christmas, then, you will feel less stress.

Experts have found that woman will use four kinds of hinting style to tell the partner what she wants to have. So that they can get what she want to have on the Christmas Day, but the also found another problem is that men often neglect these signals, about four out of five will miss those chances.

They study divided the for-advertising into four kinds of style. 56 percent of the women will use ‘pepper-hinters’ and ‘present pointers’ these two ways, and the next was ‘Chinese whisperers’ and ‘careless listers’.

Even though most of the women will use those skills, but there are less than one out of three can realize what the women want to say, but on the contrary, there are half above can understand those hints.

There is a piece of news said that about one third will feel disappoint to the Christmas Gifts they have received from their husband or boyfriend, and there are even one sixth will be angry about the gifts. Because, maybe they have hinted their boyfriends or husband for many times, but they can even get them, so they feel angry about this.

Body language expert Professor Geoff Beattie suggest women can use body gesture to tell what they want to get on that day, he said this is a good way to be successful to show what is your meaning, he said hint is an important way in the social party, if you want to have a good effect, you must take the sex difference into consideration.

“Women know what they want to get, so they do much many for-advertising in order to get what they want to have, but most of the men will forget what their partners have said, of course, they make them have a big trouble on the gifts of Christmas, or even on Valentine’s Day Gifts.

During the researches, some volunteers are required to see a video, of course, they are males, the video description a couple are prepare the coming of the Christmas, the video has showed many different kind of hint, but most of the Male volunteers do not recognize those hints. The research also showed that women are good at shopping, because they can remember all the marks they have seen, this can help them to find a pair of shoes which they have seen 2 hours ago.

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Find Your Dance Attire within Dance Clothes

The most important factor in determining the right dance clothes is making a balance between the dance type and your personal style. For example, it would seem inappropriate to wear a bright colored and bold printed dance clothes for a jazz performance. Clearly, this type of clothes is unbecoming to the dance style. Do not overdo your dress up costumes for dancers, on the other hand, do not allow yourself to look plain.

Dance costume stores showcase the products of dance clothes manufacturers and there are catalogs that list their products where you can choose and order. If you have particular concept about the costume you want and you have specific details you want to incorporate, it may be a good idea to find a good seamstress to do it. Do not just focus on how great your costume looks; you got to make sure that size is downright considered.

Are you looking for something that is to be used one time or something that needs repeated use? For example, a little child who needs a costume for one time wear, then you could possibly get a second hand costume which is more practical. If however, the dress up costume is on for repetitive use, it is best to consider durability and should be easy to clean.

There are a lot of dance attire concepts where you can apply your creativity. A dance costume is essential in making an impact in your overall performance. In fact in competitions, points are also given for creative costume which goes to say that your dance costume has bearing on your overall dance routine. Dance routines mean a lot of movement and considering mobility, dance outfit should provide freedom of motion or provide the full range of motion and in no way should be restrictive to the dancer.

Dance attire that is too loose is not a good idea and too tight clothing limits your movement. Snug fit or form fitting clothes would be best. The dance clothes could make a fashion statement from adorable, cute and colorful costume, sexy and revealing costumes, or glamorous and elegant dress up costumes. You need to carefully choose the dance costume whether you are doing a competition or a performance. Your outfit greatly affects your performance and it is essential that you feel most comfortable with your costume. If you have great designed outfit, perfect fit and comfortable dance outfit, then you are up for your greatest performance.

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Scooters: buy a safe product!

The scooter is one of the most dangerous toys, with the risk of falling or collision. Before any purchase, check that your product meets the safety standards!

Scooters, bicycles and roller skates, marketed as toys, must include the warning “For use with protective equipment. Do not use on public roads.

These toys are therefore reserved for strictly family use and can not be used on public roads, unlike sports and leisure articles.

Moreover, the protective equipment worn by the child in the context of the use of his toy must protect him from several risks (including the risk of falls). This equipment is also subject to specific regulations.


A simple imitation helmet does not constitute protective equipment and will not protect the child.

In addition, the instruction leaflet attached to the toy must remind that the use of the toy must be done with caution, because it requires a lot of address, in order to avoid accidents (fall or collision), sources of injury for the child. user and third parties.

Guidance on the recommended protective equipment (helmets, gloves, knee pads, elbow pads, etc.) is also provided with the toy.
Tips before buying

Check for the presence of security information and make sure you comply with it as the consumer responsible for the purchase.
Take the trouble, if possible (when getting started), to test the quality of the proposed product, including the stability and apparent quality of the steering tube.

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Fraud Prevention Report: Beware of non-compliant toys

Each year the DGCCRF (Fraud Control) controls the toy sector to identify possible dangerous products. On Friday, she gave her report. 16.5% of the toys tested are non-compliant or dangerous. How to choose the toys of your child? The advice of the DGCCRF.

Toy control

Each year the DGCCRF controls the toy sector. His last report was published a few days ago. Of all the toys checked, about 8% have anomalies. After physico-chemical analysis of 850 toys, 16.5% were declared non-compliant and dangerous.

The dangers found

They noted numerous deficiencies in the display of safety warnings (absence of CE marking, misuse of the age restriction logo or lack of regulatory warnings).

The most common dangers:

risk of suffocation or suffocation if small detachable elements or the stuffing of a stuffed animal or doll are ingested
risk of strangulation due to the rope length of a toy
risk of burns due to easy access to batteries
risk of hearing damage due to the sound level of some toys
risk of exposure to hazardous chemicals

Advice given to parents

To properly choose the toys of her child, the DGCCRF gives the following advice:

Check the presence of mandatory markings (CE marking)
Check the age range for which the toy is intended (especially for toys that are forbidden or discouraged for children under 3 years old)
If the toy has small parts, ask if it is suitable for the child for whom it is intended
Read carefully the recommendations and warnings on the label or package
Remove toys that do not have their instructions written in French
Give priority to classic commercial channels, do not buy from resellers on the sly
Do not leave behind anything that might be attractive to children, or items designed for decoration.

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Toys made of foam and toxic substances: we take stock

A previous UFC-Que Choisir investigation had shown that foam toys did not meet the limitations of a certain toxic substance. Several years later, what is it?

In 2010, Belgium discovered the presence of formamide in foam puzzles designed for toddlers. As this chemical was classified as toxic for reproduction, France immediately reacted by prohibiting its marketing and ANSES (National Agency for Food Safety, Food, Environment and Labor) was responsible for assessing the dangers. , recalls the UFC-Que Choisir. A few months later, the authorities banned the sale of carpet puzzles containing more than 200mg of formamide per kilo.

Only in 2015, the consumer association and magazine, along with European counterparts, discovered that Toys “R” Us foam mats and building blocks still contained them. The chain of stores explained then that those sold in France respected the regulation, but that those marketed in other European countries always contained high thresholds of formamide. UFC-Que Choisir then lobbied for the European Union to ban its use in all foam games. This was done in 2017 with a regulation prohibiting the placing on the market of foam toys intended for children under 3 years of age containing more than 200 mg / kg of formamide.

Several years later and as the holidays approached, UFC-Que Choisir wanted to make sure the regulations were respected. She has done tests on fourteen products, foam puzzle mats, building blocks, a hopscotch, a mess-all for children over 3 years and foam chairs. Verdict: the result is excellent! The manufacturers go even further than the regulation since certain objects not falling within its scope (for more than 3 years, the armchairs …) respect the thresholds, and that most do not contain at all of formamide.

Of the fourteen products tested, thirteen do not contain formamide. These are Baby Smile (King Toy), Bloomy (La Grande Récré), Bruin (Toys “R” Us), Chicco, Disney Frozen princess dress up, Ludi (Transport) puzzle mats, Cap-Louis (JouéClub) and Moov ‘ngo (La Grande Récré), Energybul foam mousse (Oxybul), Gifi blocks, and Jemini armchairs (Pat’Patrouille Stella), Nicotoy with its Minnie model, and Vertbaudet (customizable model). The only toy tested that contains this substance is the Edx Education Building Block Set, but the thresholds set by the regulations are met.

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Why does baby put his toys in his mouth?

Lego, little cars, dolls, stuffed toys … your baby is always wearing his favorite toys in his mouth! Why is he doing this? Should we let him do it? Our explanations.

All the babies of the world without exception, discover the life and the objects which surround them, bringing them to the mouth, it is obvious and we will conclude it simply by: no luck for the anxious mothers!

So be these moms try to take on them, and accept that their baby builds his body anti-body (and yes, mouthing objects not always very “clean” your baby learns to protect himself for all his life), or they scoured everything, entirely everything in their path: green plants, small cars, lego, parquet, THE CAT, the pebbles of the park, the hands of the people who will take him in the arms, everything, everything and everything again !

Accept, you will be less stressed …
So maybe it’s better to accept and make some concessions: let him discover kids toys with his mouth, scratch the sand of the sandbox, and sometimes even see him put his mouth of the earth, because it is certainly less It’s only a bit of a challenge to sanitize your entire environment, even though it is certain that you must remain vigilant when your baby is in contact with the park with pebbles, for example, that may be ingested.

He discovers, not with the hands but with the mouth
Socks, feet, pebbles, toys or books, everything around the child, must be explored. It’s his way of getting to know his environment. Because yes, where the greatest observe with their eyes, the smallest, observe with their mouths.

So in order to protect him, help him by naming what he grasps, telling him that some things can be brought to his mouth and others can not. By naming a pebble, a toy, a lollipop or an earthworm, in short by giving it landmarks. This is how he will also learn, thanks to you to discover the objects and things that make his daily life.

Explain to your child, what is good or bad for him with simple words, here is the key. And a great step towards a diminution of things brought to his mouth will be accomplished ….

Finally, concerning plastic toys, such as ducks and other bath games for example, it is not advisable to pass them from time to time in the dishwasher, while lint as for them, catch-dust, either by the way, will gladly and regularly accept a switch to a soft program.

The blanket meanwhile will be washed every week, and the socks often caught and machined by the very small, naturally changed and washed daily!