LoveInUSA 3D Furniture Puzzle, Wooden Furniture Dollhouse Furniture Dolls House Furniture Wooden Dolls House for Kids Adults Explore Creativity / Problem Solving



Brand Name:Amor Present

Manufacturer:Amor Present

  • ❤ 100%wood,great educational tool.
  • Material: 100% balsa wood, environmentally friendly and healthy. DIY model furniture for home project, great educational tool. Model can be painted.
  • Function: Cool, fun, educational, unique,inspiring toys. Enhancing creativity, exercising ability, improving imagination.
  • Application: Variety of wooden miniature furnitures, ideal for minature dollhouse accessories, form a beautiful ornament worthy of display on your desk or bookshelf.
  • Notice: Printed on back of cover sheet, just matching the same number together.Printed cover sheet is dual language (English/Chinese), the scale of the puzzles is 1:20


Natural wood:Can be stained, laquered, painted, or left as is. Provide quality education tools for you and your family. Just matching the numbers together 1 with 1, 2 with 2 and so on. After assembly, you can paint, play, display or disassemble and enjoy the challenge of building again. Children 7 years and older, and adults too, enjoy popping the pieces out of the plywood frame and then pushing pieces together by joining matching slots in the pieces. No glue or cutting for general assembly, but glue recommeded for some parts Model can be left natural or painted. New brand:LoveInUSA Our brand purpose: CUSTOMER FIRST Painted or left as natural wood, it’s a challenging, educational and creative activity for all ages. the scale of the puzzles is 1:20 large bed size; 4.13”x 3.35″ x 2.36″ large table size: 2.48″ x 1.89″ x 1.38″ chair size: 1.57″ x 1.3″ x 2.16″

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